An explosion at Al-Hassawah station, complete power outages ,violent clashes in southern Yemen




A violent explosion broke out at dawn on Friday in Al-Hasawah electricity station, followed by violent clashes in the southern province of Aden, run by UAE.

According to local sources in Aden,  the sound of a violent explosion was heard from inside the station to generate electricity, the fire broke out inside the station, causing a complete power outage on a number of districts in the province of Aden.

The sources confirmed violent clashes took place in the Directorate of Khor Maksar, among elements following the security belt, backed by the United States, and paid fighters, believed to belong to the so-called “presidential protection,” loyal to fugitive Yemeni president Hadi.

The sources pointed out that the clashes lasted for more than three hours , in which there were used small arms and medium, and spread to a number of residential neighborhoods and main streets in Khor Maksar.

It should be noted that the southern provinces under the control of the Saudi-led coalition , backed by the U.S.,forces, for more than three years witnessed an unprecedented security breach, and the increase in criminal and bombings and assassinations operations, and a large spread of armed groups of the so-called Al Qaeda and Daesh .