Saudi coalition recorded crimes and violations in Yemen on October 30,2018




The US back Saudi-led coalition continued on Tuesday its aerial raids and ground bombardments on a number of provinces and areas in Yemen, leaving wounded and material damage to public and private property.

In Yemen’s al-Baydah, two passengers were injured as Saudi paid militias targeted a bus carrying passangers in one of the main roads within the province.

In Saada governorate, north of Yemen, Saudi military aircraft conducted four raids on Camp Kahlan in Saada city and two airstrikes at al-Zaher district.

Also in Saada, Saudi rocket fire and artillery shelling subjected homes and farms in the two border districts of Baqem and Shada, causing damage to the homes and farms of the citizens.

In the southern Saudi bordering province, Saudi warplanes carried out three raids on Wadi Gara.

اعلان الزكاة