Does Ansarallah movement against the US calls to stop the war against Yemen?




Ansarullah’s spokesman and head of the national negotiating delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam, on Thursday stated that Yemeni people support any serious international efforts to halt the war against Yemen.

As the US Secretary of State calls to stop the war on Yemen, Abdulsalam held the US the responsibility of the war against Yemen as it is a main part of the coalition.

“If it (America) is serious, it should demonstrate this with tangible steps by lifting the political cover for this absurd war, immediately ceasing all logistical support to the coalition, and stopping deals of arms that caused the killing of children and civilians,” he added.

Abdulsalam noted that what is happening on the ground is the opposite, “as America’s allies continue to mobilize, which predicts a military escalation in Yemen’s Western Coast and other fronts.”

He divert attention to similar calls launched over the past stages, which were soon followed by an escalation in the field, stressing that the Yemeni army and people are ready to overcom any escalation.

اعلان الزكاة