Important Statement for National Front to Resist Invasion, Occupation




According to official source, the Southern National Front for the Resistance against the invasion and occupation issued an important statement on the latest developments in the West Coast and around the city of Hodeidah.

The statement reads as follows : 

The Southern Front continues to resist the invasion and occupation with great concern the latest military aggression in the West Coast and around the city of Hodeidah through the use of hordes of local mercenaries and foreigners and some of the misled from the people of the southern provinces.

This dangerous escalation comes as a desperate attempt by the countries of the aggression coalition to achieve any military achievement on the ground for achieving political gains, which enable them to continue to impose guardianship on our political decision and a desperate attempt to abort the objectives of the 21 September 2014 Revolution of freedom and independence.

Despite the passage of four years of aggression and siege completely on Yemen, the coalition’s states failed to achieve any of theirs criminal objectives.

 Four years of aggression and occupation of large areas of our southern provinces have clearly revealed to our people the real objectives of aggression and occupation through the practices of the occupation forces of the UAE criminal, which exceeded torture of the honorable homeland and its militants inside secret prisons established for this purpose, not to mention the disruption of all economic institutions and stealing our national wealth with the intent to create a situation of the security vacuum, which was characterized by many murders and lack of social services.

In the face of all this, the situation of poverty and unemployment is exploited and practiced on young people by th occupation to push them to the fronts of non-national fighting to die as is the case today in the West Coast and near the city of Hodeidah.

We are in the southern national front to resist the invasion and occupation in face this absurdity, which is paid for by hundreds, but thousands of the seduced from the southern provinces’ citizens to serve the goals of the aggression and occupation, whether consciously or unconsciously, we call all them to put an end to this serious tampering and death that devoured them daily in the West Coast and other fronts, in which they provide service to foreigners and invaders and occupiers to receive only shame and destruction and enabling the occupation forces to control the possibilities of the country and loot its wealth and humiliate the rest of its citizens.

Shame and disgrace to mercenaries and occupation’s agents.
Glory and immortality of martyrs
Healing for the wounded
Victory for Yemen and his blessed revolution


اعلان الزكاة