A Condemnation Statement following a protest held near UN headquarters in Sana’a




Statement of the protest held in front of the United Nations headquarters in Sana’a, denouncing the obstruction and the prevention of the entry of oil derivatives ships. The absurd and arbitrary practices of the coalition continue to obstruct and prevent the entry of vessels loaded with oil derivatives. These practices which have increased in conjunction with the Saudi-led military escalation launched against the port city of Hodeidah. The spokesman of the Secretary-General of the United Nations condemned this on 16-11-2018. The world heard these practices and condemned them, seeing them to be far from any logic and do escalate into war crimes against humanity. Clearly, the coalition’s is seeking to achieve any political and military gains without any responsible regard to the destructive and humanitarian consequences caused by such ignorance. The United Nations with their reports have made it clear that these practices have aggravated the human condition and condemned them, but did not take any practical steps to stop this intransigence and crimes by the coalition Surprisingly, we see the contradictions in the statements and actions of the United Nations and its organizations, They warned many times from the threat of famine which Yemen is suffering from the expected of humanitarian crisis witnessed by the world, and calls on the international community to intervene to avoid this famine for more than twenty million people. At the same time, it is silent on the coalition’s practices against the entry of oil and food vessels. These practices result in the increase in the costs of derivatives and commodities prices and create a continuous supply disruption, and the shortage of these commodities, leading to the biggest disaster. Oil and food are the vital supplies to the public. Oil is important for them as the engines of the health industry, agriculture, transport and electricity and it is a source of income for thousands of families. The United Nations is in front of a huge turning point to prove its credibility and impartiality, and the only way to prove that is to take a clear and practical position to stop the practices of the coalition and stop the violation of Yemeni sovereignty, especially after the justifications of the alleged coalition have ended and had shown its falsehood. The United Nations must play its part in order to prevent these violations, which represent a black spot in the history of the United Nations. Instead of addressing the consequences of the war of famine, the United Nations should stop the cause, not play the role of preacher and sage for violating the values of humanity: turning a blind eye to the coalition’s killing, destruction and siege against the Yemeni people without moving a finger. We affirm that we will not stand idly as we will take escalatory measures against the silence of the United Nations, as we have lost everything. We will show the whole world, let everybody know, that the sides that should have preserved international peace, rights, and freedoms, are today the cover of violating rights, denying freedom and causing the disputes instead of resolving them through their act of silence and act of omission, playing a role that encourages criminality against the powerless peoples.

Sunday, 25/Nov/2018

Sana’a, Yemen.

اعلان الزكاة