Shabwah announces its fate by the UAE presence ,chooses this to run it




The Shabwa tribes expressed their discontent over the UAE’s control over the security and military files in the province and demanded that the UAE should hand off interference in the military and security affairs in Shabwa, reconstruction of what was destroyed by the Saudi-led coalition, backed by the US,and compensation for development projects, and allow the production and export of oil, which is a sovereign of Yemen.

On Sunday, Shabwa witnessed a mass demonstration of the tribes of the province in the city of Ataq, the governorate center, organized by the People’s Assembly in Shabwa, called on the coalition to rebuild what was destroyed by the war ,to provide new and vital projects for the governorate of Shabwa ,allow the pumping of oil and gas from the port of Balhaf, and reopen Ataq airport in Shabwa. “

The People’s Assembly announced on Sunday the formation of a National Council headed by former Minister General Ahmed Mousaed Hussein, which includes specialists in all fields of military, security, economic and political, to manage the affairs of the province

According to a statement issued by the “People’s Authority” during a mass rally organized by the Authority on Sunday in the city of Atq, the National Council will take over the administration of Shabwa until a government comes to control the situation throughout the country.

According to the statement issued by the Authority, the sons of Shabwa gave a deadline of three days for all officials in the province who proved their failure to hand over power to the declared National Council , and gave a seven-day period for companies operating in the field of oil and gas to hand over supervision and guard to the National Council.

In the context of this, Major General Massa’ed in front fo the Shabwa tribesmen called on the coalition to rebuild what the war destroyed ,to provide new and vital projects for the Shabwa governorate, to allow the pumping of oil and gas from the port of Balhaf and reopen Ataq airport in Shabwa.

The deputy general of the government gave coalition two choices: either to unite the liberated areas, their military units and local and central authorities, or to declare that these provinces are unedited and will forward to chaos, whic is a dangerous sign of the coalition and Yemen, he said.

Tribal sources confirmed that Major General Hussein bin Huda had wrapped up a large crowd in Shabwa due to violations and practices of the UAE in the province. He noted that Shabwa suffers from a political and administrative choas, so the sons of the province supported him.The mass popular crowd on Sunday was as  a letter from Shabwa’s sons who sent a message to everyone that, with the eyes of legitimacy , Shabwa is being looted ,its infrastructure is finished, its wealth is looted, its ports are colonized and its oil is stolen and exported from the marshes of al-Nashima and the port of al-Bayda. In addition to the escalations of violations by the Shabwan elite forces of the UAE, which treat the sons of Shabwah In an inferior manner and practices the powers of the colonial Emirates.

The southern areas controlled by the coalition forces are witnessing chaos, insecurity and the spread of the Takfiri groups with expansion of their activity. Besides the increasing of assassinations, bombings and clashes between militants fighting for influence among them.

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