Peace in Yemen Is Not Even Close to Achieve-Report




Washington has gotten accustomed playing the role of the lawyer and also the partner supporting the massacres committed against the Yemeni people, so it can protect Saudi Arabia from its criminal record at any cost, even though the kingdom has recently been recognized as the world’s bloodiest country in this era.

It is no secret to anyone that America was and still stands with all its weight in a war that has resulted in the world’s most horrific human-made humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen for the vast amounts of gains America receives from primarily Saudi Arabia and the UAE, in addition to what the kingdom has become of such a shield that protects the Zionist entity.

Recently, US President Donald Trump said at a Senate hearing that Saudi Arabia was a great ally and without them, Israel will be in big trouble.

“The truth is that Saudi Arabia is very useful to us in the Middle East. If we did not have Saudi Arabia, we would not have a huge base. If you look at Israel without Saudi Arabia, it will be in great trouble. What does this mean? Should Israel leave? Do you want Israel to leave?” President Trump said.

The statements made by US President Donald Trump have stirred controversy and revealed the relationships between the Saudi-Zionist regimes. It is clear from statements by US officials and president Trump that peace in Yemen is still far away despite the tragedy and the humanitarian crisis, which are considered to be tremendous, as the United States continues to export arms to Saudi Arabia. Latest of which was the selling of a missile defense system to Saudi Arabia in a worth of 15 billion dollars.

International organizations expose the US administration

Many organizations and political and legal figures have stressed that the negative role of the US administration has become clear that America does not want to stop the war because of the material, political and economic benefits.

In the latest positions of these international organizations, some of which are American organizations, five of the largest international relief organizations, urged the United States to stop its military support to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, warning of continued US support would hold Washington responsible for what may be the biggest famine in the coming decades.

The organizations issued a joint statement, Oxfam, Kiir, the International Rescue Committee, Save the Children and the Norwegian Refugee Council.

The statement, which is a testimony to the American participation on the conflict in Yemen, said that US military support is prolonging the war in Yemen, adding that the massive military and diplomatic support for Saudi Arabia and the UAE have prolonged the war and deepened the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, and the ones who are paying the price are the civilians.

With this clear indication from the largest humanitarian organizations, it is clear that Washington is the biggest obstacle to the peace process in Yemen as the first and largest supporter of the continuation of Bin Salman and Bin Zayed in their war and adventures in Yemen.

The only solution to peace in Yemen is if US involvement and support in this war completely stops, then we can talk about peace intentions in Yemen, as Bin Salman and Bin Zayed cannot continue alone in this Saudi-led war against Yemen.

Moreover, halting military support for militias affiliated with the Saudi-led coalition on the ground will force them to sit at the table and seek solutions to the internal political crisis and that because those prominent figures that the world recognizes, live in the palaces of Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, armed with missiles, planes, US bombs and funded by Saudi Arabia will not lean towards peace, negotiations and solutions unless they are deprived of all these privileges and pressured to create peace and save millions of people from starvation.

The US response In this context

with the recent US media attention to the issue of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, as well as the increase of outrage in the US Congress and the political elite, there are new actions that have taken place to halt the Saudi-led coalition war on Yemen. The Senate has advanced a resolution that calls for ending US support in Yemen, but many analysts believe that the move in Congress may not lead to real pressure on Trump and his administration suspending support to Saudi Arabia as the United States is being controlled by weapons companies that are unwilling to stop the Saudi-UAE war because this war is in its favor.

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