Does the legitimacy ,loyal to the Saudi-led coalition, bring back colonialism to southern Yemen after over 50 years of independence?




In 51 years, legitimacy brought colonialism back to power the South of Yemen. Under the pretext of bringing back the power ,the new forces entered without resistance and war, but they were received with flowers ,not bullets because they promised to expel Yemeni”Houthis”, Ansarallah movement, from the South and gave it back to the southerns , but they didn’t fulfill it. In addition, they promised with improving services and raising the level of the people economically , however, they worked to destroy the services and took land, air and sea ports, they, for example, occupied the port of Aden and turned it from a global international port to a local port , in which the movement of navigation does not exceed the local navigation movement witnessed by the port of Hodeidah which receives local shipments and suffers from the siege ,severe restrictions on the entry of ships and decreasing shipping capacity by 69% due to being hit by by the Saudi-led coalition, backed by the US, airstrikes since late 2015.

According to Geneva Agreement,which were held between the delegations of the Government of the British Power and the National Front as the representative of the South and its people in November 1967, in which the NFL delegation took pride in the recognition of the sovereignty, identity and independence of the South , while the British committed to withdraw from the South and admitted its independence . In November 30, 1967, The southern people received the President Qahtan al-Shaabi and the delegation returning from Geneva after they took away from the British delegation full independence at the level of internal and external sovereignty. News agencies said that the people received in Aden Qahtan as a historical hero. On this day , General Command of the National Front fighter elected Qahtan al-Sha’abi as the President of the Republic of Yemen For two years and mandated him to form a government and formally declare independence.

Today, however, the celebration in Aden and Shabwa celebrates the anniversary of independence. The South celebrates its independence from Britain under the control of The United Arab Emirates , which established 26 secret prisons in the southern provinces, arrested thousands of the southerns in its secret prisons, and implements the policy of the British forces .

On the anniversary of independence from the British colonizer fifty years ago,
The UAE forces carries out a policy of systematic destruction in the port of Aden and in the ports of the south and controls the oil sources in Hadramout and Shabwa. In its period, the ports and airports turned into secret prisons,and the Yemeni island of Socotra and the island of Miyoun turned into islands run by the UAE  .

The commemoration of the independence of the South by the protection of loyalist forces to the UAE and the presence of the so-called the President and members of the South Transitional Council , loyal to UAE came in the light  of violations, crimes and arrests carried out by the secret police of UAE.

Today 51st anniversary of Independence Day in the south came while the graves of the south receive hundreds of dead and its hospitals did not absorb more wounded southerns who did not fight UAE were killed while raising the flag of the UAE in the battles of the north.

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