Southern Yemen is the scene of this ahead, while Yemen peace talks




Aden city, which was occupied by UK but now under the control of UAE, main part of the Saudi-led coalition, backed by the US,and the rest of the southern cities witness an insecurity situation that increased the assassinations of Imams of mosques and security ,military leaderships and citizens even ahead and during the peace talks over Yemen.

A Yemeni citizen, Sami Khalifah was found dead in Remi neighborhood in Mansoura district.They said that he was shot in his head and wounds were clear in his hand. Khalifa was living alone in his home in the Remi District, whose body was discovered after a long time no contact with his family over the past two days.

Eyewitnesses said that citizens found the dead body of Mohammed Saleh Abdulnabi with multiple gunshot wounds, only meters from al-Arish checkpoint of the so-called “security belt forces” funded by the UAE in Khormaksar area.The murder of Abdulnabi, a resident of Luder district of Abyan province, remains unclear, and the motive for shooting at him by the UAE paid fighters is still unknown.

A senior leader in al-Qaeda terrorist organization was killed after carrying out dozens of terrorist operations target security and military officials in Yemen’s Aden southern province. A group of gunmen loyal to the coalition attacked the hideout of the so-called terrorist leader Mohamed Saghair (Albawma) in Dakah neighborhood in Brega district of Aden led to his death.He was immediately killed by a number of shots.It is believed that “Albawma” had assassinated three military commanders, including commander Ahmad al-Idrisi, commander Fahed Gharamah and Abdul-Khaleq Shayie.

An armed gang looted 80 million riyals in possession of a citizen .A gang consisting of five gunmen riding a car, accompanied by a motorcycle, intercepted Adel al-Yafie’s car in the city, looting 80 million riyals from his car.Al-Yafei, who works in selling Qat leaves, was coming from Dhale province, when the gunmen cut off his way and looted his money at gunpoint and then fled to an unknown destination.

Detainees at UAE-run Bir-Ahmed prison in the port city of Aden went on a hunger strike for the fourth time within weeks.The detainees’ strike came as a protest against being held, despite the issuance of their release orders by the Prosecutor’s Office in Aden, according to a statement issued by Abductees Mothers Association during a protest of the detainees’ relatives in front of home of the interior minister in the exiled Hadi’s government in Aden.The statement said that the UAE-backed paid fighters’ commander in Aden, Abu Yamamah, ordered the manager of Bir-Ahmed prison to hand him a number of detainees whose fate was revealed without any legal justification. The UAE paid fighters in a prison of Mukalla city in Hadramout province  opened fire at the detainees during a peaceful sit-in to demand release or fair trial, which led to the injuring of several.

Governor of Aden province, Tariq Mustafa Sallam, said that the people of the southern provinces are living a new stage of confrontation with the occupation.Sallam said, in a press statement, that the declaration of “the coordinating body of the people of the occupied southern and eastern provinces aimed to unite the southern national forces with their brothers in the north to strengthen the unity and brotherhood to confront the aggression and occupation, adding that the declaration would greatly contribute to the unification of the political and military front in order to mobilize all efforts and energies to start the battle of restoring the occupied land from invaders’ hands in the south of the homeland.

The southern areas controlled by the coalition forces are witnessing chaos, insecurity and the spread of the Takfiri groups with expansion of their activity. Besides the increasing of assassinations, bombings and clashes between militants fighting for influence among them.

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