Riyadh delegation calls for the release of Al-Qaeda,Daesh detainees within the prisoner exchange agreement




Informed sources in the Swedish consultations that the delegation of the Saudi-led coalition, backed by the US, paid fighters coming from hotels in Riyadh presented to the UN envoy and the International Red Cross the names of prisoners and detainees from al-Qaeda organizations ,fighting in the ranks of the coalition while the United States claimed to fight them.

According to the sources, some of the names that were submitted are attributed to detainees wanted by the Yemeni security services during the rule of the resigned Yemeni president Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, and others arrested for their involvement in criminal operations that violated security, stability and public tranquility at the time.
They pointed out that hundreds of names have been collected by activists through social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, HitsP, and Telegraph) over the past few days.

It is worth mentioning that the countries of the coalition used hundreds of al-Takfiri elements from al-Qaeda and Daesh called for fighting in Yemen after being brought from Syria, Iraq and Libya and fighting in more than 11 different fronts, notably Taiz al-Bayda, Shabwa and Marib against the Yemeni army forces.
In addition,  the so-called brigades of the Giants and Almahdhar ,fighting in the West Coast within the Brigades of the coalition  forces, mostly from the elements of al-Qaeda and Daesh of Arab ,international and European nationalities with Salafi trend.

In May 2017, al-Qaeda leader Qassem al-Rimi admitted that they were fighting in Yemen alongside the coalition and that they received financial and military support and various kinds fof weapons from the United States during their presence in Ykla’a area between the provinces of Al-Bayda and Marib in late January of the same year, which confirmed the close relation between the coalition and al-Qaeda and Daesh elements, including the Islah Party.