Consultations Results are Positive Step Paving Way Toward Yemeni People Hopes




President Mahdi al-Mashat  said that what has been achieved during Yemeni consultations held in Sweden was a positive step paving way to achieving the hopes of the Yemeni people.

During a meeting with members of the National Delegation to Peace Talks in Sweden, the president affirmed that the delegation was at the level of confidence and responsibility entrusted to it.

He thanked the UN Secretary-General and his envoy to Yemen and all brotherly and friendly countries for preparations which helped to achieving the success of the consultations.

He hailed the role of the Kingdom of Sweden in hosting the consultations, expressing the appreciation of Yemen’s government and people for the efforts exerted by the international and humanitarian organizations to bring peace to Yemen.

The peace consultations between the Yemeni warning parties, hosted by Sweden was set to an end last Thursday with the agreement to exchange 14,000 prisoners from both sides and agreed to a ceasefire in the city of Hodeidah.

The delegation left the Swedish capital of Stockholm on Sunday heading home after Sweden’s eight-day consultations, under UN’s auspices, was set to an end.

اعلان الزكاة