Assassinations, bombings ,armed conflicts .. “the coalition” plunges southern Yemen into chaos




By: Yousra Abdulmalik

In the light of the presence of the Saudi-led coalition, backed by the US, clashes increased between the fighting paid fighter factions in the southern provinces of Yemen, especially Aden, in addition to the fact that there is an increase in the number of crimes committed by the armed forces since 2015.

Recently, tribesmen and political, civil and human rights activists protested in Aden demanding the release of businessman Ali Awad Abd al-Habib and his son Ghassan, who were kidnapped by Militias loyal to UAE forces in Aden three years ago. Their fate is still unknown.In a statement issued by the organizers of the protest, the participants stressed the continuation and escalation of their peaceful protest program until their demands are met, whereas dozens of activists have set up sit-in tents in Mansoura City in Aden to demand the release detainees and victims of enforced disappearances and punish those who have harmed them and their families.

Earlier, a citizen of the Yemeni southern provinces was brutally tortured in UAE-run prison in the southern Yemeni city of Aden, where horrific scenes of Ibrahim Mohammed al-Ja’adni, from Abyan, after his release from the Emirates prison in Aden showed a brutal torture.

According to sources close to al-Ja’adni, he witnessed the death at the hands of the UAE forces several times, as shown by the scenes on his body because he wrote statements calling for the fall of the forces of the UAE. This case is the third of those which were revealed within a week and comes after an officer in the security of Aden had exposed to a similar brutal torture .

The British Fourth Channel, for its part,  issued a report on the secret prisons of the UAE in southern Yemen to the foreign affairs correspondent in the channel Jonathan Rogman, whereas the report revealed part of the suffering of detainees in the  UAE-run prisons in the province of Aden.The report talked about the unnoticeable role of the UAE in the dirty war on Yemen.

According to a security official, unknown gunmen assassinated deputy commander of the so-called security belt of Abyan, loyal to the United Arab Emirates, in the city of Aden , whereas the gunmen opened fire towards Brigadier Fahd Gharamah while he was going out of his house in Anma neighbourhood, killing him instantly with one of his companions.

The assassination of Gharamah came hours after two assassination attempts, the first targeted the commander of the so-called fourth brigade armored shield protection Brigadier General Mahran Qabati, loyal to Saudi Arabia, killing his companion in Aden.The second assassination attempt targeted the so-called commander of the brigade 35 Armored Brigadier General Adnan Al-Hammadi in Al-Maafer district southwest of Taiz.

Also on the same province, a violent explosion shook the perimeter of Dar Saad district in the southern city of , while the reason of the explosion have not been identified until now

Furthermore,a naval exercise was launched in the Gulf of Aden, which includes Russian Navy warships and the Japanese. The spokesman for the Russian Northern Fleet, Col. Vadim Sergia, said that the purpose of the exercises is to increase the level of interaction between Russian and Japanese warships in the context of joint actions to combat piracy and the fight terrorism.

He stressed that “during these days, there will be implementations of takeoff and landing helicopters on the surface of the ships, and the exchange of landing and take off the Russian helicopters on the surface of the Japanese destroyer and vice versa.” In addition, a simulated attack will be carried out on an escort vessel. In the final stage of the maneuver, the Russian and Japanese seafarers will exchange tours on board the ships.

The acting governor of Hodeidah, Mohammad Ayyash Keheem, confirmed that the fire of hatred that destroys Hodeidah facilities is the best proof of the occupier’s project. “Our people will not wait for the recurrence of what happened in Aden,” he said in an interview with Al-Massira correspondent in Hodeidah.

Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein Al-Ezzi also said that “Hodeidah governorate was safe and it was not a military confrontation area, but US-Saudi forces wanted to apply Aden’s unprecedented situation.” This came during a meeting with Deputy Director of the World Food Program (WFP) in Sana’a, Ali Reza Qureshi, on Wednesday. They met to discuss areas of cooperation and coordination between Yemen and the program especially in light of the recent escalation of the US-Saudi forces on the West Coast.

Deputy Foreign Minister explained that the forces of aggression do not hesitate to commit daily massacres against innocent civilians and doubled the suffering of human citizens. He stressed the need of the program to expand its activities and increase the pace of its work in providing food aid, and alleviating the human suffering of the people of the province.

Observers confirm that what is happening in the province of Aden and the southern provinces of  security chaos and a large and unprecedented spread of crimes in all its forms is part of the schemes of invaders, which the UAE and Saudi Arabia seek to achieve, and that what the two countries are trying to attract the attention of the world ,mainly the sons of those provinces for all the investment projects to serve their own interests without achieving any gains felt by the people of those provinces.

While the number of people from the southern provinces confirmed that the countries of coalition did fulfill any promise to the sons of the south of all promises made by them since their entry, but was a great trick , and that all what it does reveals the reality of the goals that they seek to achieve behind its control of a number of Yemeni provinces.

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