Sons of Dhamar Province Doubling Efforts to Confront the Coalition




A training program on human rights principles and functions and powers of human rights representatives on Wednesday started in Dhamar province.

The program, which is implemented by the Human Rights Office in the province for four days with self-financing, with participation of 24 participants representing the province’s districts and a number of agencies.

At the opening, Dhamar Governor Mohammed al-Maqdashi stressed the importance of the program and its role in providing participants with information and knowledge on the principles of human rights, humanitarian law and related international conventions.

Al-Maqdashi also stressed on the importance of concerted efforts to confront the Saudi-led coalition and its plots targeting the Yemeni people.

He touched upon doubling a public mobilization to the fronts. As well as the great efforts and roles played by tribes and sheikhs in confronting the coalition and maintaining security and stability .