Yemeni youth address the reality of the disaster that hit the southern provinces as a result of drugs




A documentary film prepared by a group of young people in the city of Habelain in Rdafan revealed the extent of the disaster in the southern provinces of Yemen under the control of the Saudi-led  coalition , backed by the US, due to the spread of drugs.

The film refers to what the drug mafia, who exchange roles and do acts of cutting, killing, looting and brutality, the way drugs are sold and how they are spread among society,

The film, which quickly spread , a number of young people who chose the free and uninhabited areas of the population to represent and depict some parts of the film, while others were filmed in houses that were no longer populated by a drug mafia and how to break into it.

The film was admired by a wide range of people as it shows the danger of drug traffickers as well as the role of the UAE in rejuvenating society and destroying the future of young people..


The military leader in the ranks of the coalition’s paid fighters, Adel al-Hassani ,revealed that the Saudis gave what he called the leaders of the resistance a secret file contains the secret agenda of the UAE in Yemen, such as its quest to control all vital facilities and ports in the south, and the formation of the paid fighters outside the state to eleminate the opponents of the UAE, in addition to the presence of the US intelligence service officer named Abu Khalifa Saeed al-Muhairi who  is the one who oversees the assassinations, arrests, looting, and drug trafficking in southern Yemen.

Journalist Fathi Ben Lazaq warned of the spread of drug, narcotics, cannabis and alcohol in the city of Aden, adding that there are those who are working to spoil the youth of Aden and destroy the entire society.

Observers believe that it is in the interest of the UAE to destroy the society in the south by dumping it on drug abuse by using teenagers and young people and tempting them to be addicted to it ,taking advantage of the what young people are experiencing and the increase in unemployment rates in the city.

In April of last year, medical sources revealed the presence of narcotic substances in the form of sweets promoted among young people, adolescents and school students. The promotion of drugs in this way after it was promoted among young people in the form of cigarettes and mixtures of the tobacco used in the “hable bable “And other forms, so that they can be promoted among young people and adults.

In late December last year, the Egyptian security forces arrested a military commander in the southern transitional council, the counterterrorism official in the security of Aden Yusran al-Maqtari, one of the most prominent security guards of the UAE forces. He was in possession of a quantity of hashish and drugs in a residential apartment in one of the neighborhoods of the Egyptian capital with two girls taking drugs.

Bin Zayed Drug Dealer

Experts confirm that the actions of Mohammed bin Zayed become a cause for concern, and a matter of doubt, where he is even dependent on gangs of drug trafficking, and facilitates their way through the ports of his country, especially those going to Iraq, turning his ports to a safe passage for drug dealers.

Bin Zayed, as confirmed by observers since taking over the reins in his country, he spares no effort to achieve his personal ambitions, as bin Zayed , two months ago, after the failure of forces loyal to him in Libya, the UAE sent a shipment of relief aid to Libya through Tripoli airport but after the inspection of the shipment, it was revealed that the relief was nine tonnes of narcotic tramadol”

The occupied southern areas controlled by the coalition forces are witnessing chaos, insecurity and the spread of the Takfiri groups with expansion of their activity. Besides the increasing of assassinations, bombings and clashes between militants fighting for influence among them.

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