Yemen: Four Years of Criminality and Brutality-Report




Since March 26, 2015, and until today, many harsh events have occurred. These events are able to reveal all the masks from the faces of many countries, international organizations and institutions to show that Yemen by all it means is facing a universal aggression that is being participated by all countries and entities of the world, on top of it are the United States, the Zionists, the British and the French, and their Saudi and UAE tools, including gangs, companies and criminal organizations such as Al Qaeda, Hadash, the Janjaweed, Blackwater and others.

The thirst of the forces of aggression to shed the blood of the Yemeni people:

Scenes that are more difficult to bear than a human mind, scattered body parts, charred bodies, and bodies under the rubble, those scenes that are shameful, which everyone in Yemen has gotten used to looking at either in the crime scene or behind the television screens.

The aggression against Yemen reached a really high record of criminality, brutality, and hatred, which is clearly a war of the rich against the poor Muslims. The brutal massacres committed by the forces of aggression go beyond what you think. Yemen’s war is not just like any other regular war like the wars that have taken place throughout history. It has become a war of total annihilation for the people of Yemen, who refuse submission and humiliation.

Four years have passed since America and Israel, and its tools, the regime of the UAE and the Saudi kingdom continue to commit genocide against the Yemeni people until there is no single person in Yemen.

After these huge numbers of crimes and massacres committed by them, America’s tools are still desperate to shed more blood of Yemenis who are against injustice and tyranny and doesn’t kneel for their desires, because the survival of one Yemeni is a danger to them and their projects on the region.

In an embodiment of the thirst for the bloodshed of the Yemeni people, the process of that takes place while searching for a target that Saudi-UAE jet could strike is the ones that hold many civilians, so they can reach the highest casualties as possible. The US-UK backed Saudi-led aggression warplanes have targeted residential neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, places of worship, Condolences halls, roads; thus, showing blatant violations of international humanitarian law.

The Saudi military aircraft directly targeted population centers, commercial markets, service facilities, And destroyed most of the components of life from schools, factories, hospitals, mosques, museums, gardens, bridges, roads, ports, food stores, and government facilities. , Non-governmental organizations, religious sites and imposing a land, sea and air blockade that deprives the entry of food, medicine and all essential services.

The world’s silence and immoral

Four years of aggression against Yemen can reveal to the world the horror of the shameful silence and the immorality. Never before has international humanitarian law been violated as it has been during this period. While the forces of aggression are committing crimes and massacres against civilians of Yemen, they have thrown all international and humanitarian law to the wall, and not surprisingly, especially as they receive American and European support and armament and even participate in the commission of crimes.

Yemen is the invader’s Graveyard:

The coalition of aggression believed that the Yemeni people would surrender in the first or second week, or perhaps in the first or second month of this aggression, but the Yemeni people recorded a legendary steadfastness that was manifested day by day, perhaps the greatest in its history, which stunned the world by standing up to it. An aggressive coalition that consists of 22 countries and Yemeni people have proved that throughout this period that has passed its steadfastness and strength.

Four years of a US, European and Gulf aggression on Yemen is a miracle for Yemen to keep its strength and steadfastness for this such long time in front of a huge amount of countries that are ranked from the best military. Yemen has not been defeated through history, but their blessed land was a graveyard for every occupier or invader.

In Yemen’s history, no invader had successfully taken Yemen under their control, because it is still in the hands of the great people of Yemen. The people of Yemen continue to send their loved ones to the front lines, those who heal the devastated hearts from the Saudi aggression and inflict the human and material losses on the invaders and their mercenaries who flee before them because they are fighting for the money and not for the land and dignity.

This post originally ran on Yamanyoon