For Houthis: support expands , force mounts , rallies in seven provinces :”Report””





The Houthis force has been growing day by day since the start of the “Saudi-led coalition, backed by the US” war on Yemen, which has failed since its first launch.

The war started on this day in 2015, under the pretext of ending the coup and restoring legitimacy in Yemen from the Houthis and their allay , Ali Abdullah Saleh,that time.

Over the last four years, the Houthis have been able to expand in many northern areas despite their withdrawal or loss in many parts of the south because there is no popular support  there.

The people of the south allied  elements that harm them day and night by elements of Takfiri belonging to al-Qaeda groups.

Big prison

The provinces of the south turned into a large prison , whereas UAE  set up secret prisons in Bir Ahmed, which is revealed by the international media.

The coalition countries told the sons of those regions that it will  turn them to be as Dubai, but the sons of those areas were suffering from the scourge of the Takfir groups , under the guidance of the coalition countries , the semi-daily assassinations of clerics of Islah Party in Aden and Mukalla or being chased whenever they criticize the coalition states.

Houthi areas ” for all”

The Houthis’ attitudes were surprised by many of the people of the south when they were received in the areas under  control of Houthis during their displacement at the beginning of the war ,whereas Ibb province received thousands of displaced families from the provinces of the south and were treated by Houthis and their supporters as described by Mahmoud Nasser, which made many of them Prefer to stay but the cost of living in their non-regions forced many of them to return to their provinces.

In addition, gunmen, backed by the coalition, prevented the southern provinces’ sons from entering their cities over having ID, with Hodeidah or Sana’a birthplaces ,

The coalition’s countries rose an unprecedented hatred between the sons of the country in the history of Yemen, whereas the sons of the northern regions were expelled from southern provinces in 2015 year, including supporters of the war, because they belong to the northern provinces even those who were born in the south but with ID belonging to Taiz or Ib were  expelled from their houses and his shops. ” .


Support for Houthi and many crowds

The Houthis have succeeded in detaching people around them because of crimes made by the coalition countries and their paid fighters without stopping them. The, in addition,  areas , under their  control are even worse, including the province of Taiz, which is currently facing unprecedented heavyweights between pro-coalition forces.

The people’s confidence of the Houthis in the areas , under their control , and security over their money and lives has made them increasingly popular and militarized, as the world today sees hundreds of thousands who have gathered in seven provinces to mark the passage of four years of “war” or as the Houthis describe as “four years of steadfastness”.

Seven squares, including the capital , were the scenes masses , which no a group or a party, despite the funds, to mobilize , but the Houthis make them gather freely , which makes the world stand at a glance and reconsider his concepts, wondering why Houthi turned to be such a growing force.

The credibility of the Houthi,while his confrontation with the coalition forces and their supporting countries at home , and his commitment to its fighters and its regions made many allay him , so many joined his group and battlefronts since their fighters receive special care and attention , especially his fighters , prisoners and their families, as opposed to the so-called legitimacy , which does the opposite in addition to continuing targeting them by the coalition’s jets without any attitude towards those repeated behaviors.