Southern Yemen is the scene of horror!




Many of Yemeni officials in Aden city , under the control of UAE,main part of the Saudi-led coalition, backed by the US, survived assassination attempts .

Head of trade union of YNB Jalal Bashafei was subjected to an assassination attempt by unidentified gunmen, a few meters away from his home in Khor Maksar, according to YemenExtra correspondent in Aden.Bashafei was not hurt, while some of damage caused to his car, he added.

Paid fighters of the so-called “security belt” backed by the UAE in Aden province are continuing to commit  violations against detainees in the well-known Bir Ahmed prison in Aden.

A new scandal occurred on Sunday in the aforementioned notorious prison, where citizens were prevented from visiting their detained relatives and only women were allowed amid threats and harassment against them inside the prison.

Hundreds of African migrants detained by the UAE paid fighters on Thursday managed to escape from a playground of Yemen’s southern city of Aden.

The fleeing came after the (UAE)-backed paid fighters waged the arrest operation over 1,789 people suffer from poor health and food conditions.According to the United Nations, about 150,000 immigrants of Ethiopia and Somalia arrived at Yemen last year.

Dozens of extremist elements, by Islah Islamic party (Muslim Brotherhood) accused of financing the terrorist organizations to represent a threat to Aden city,  trained in Marib province arrived at camps established by United Arab Emirates forces in the city. There are many training camps in Marib has created to train dozens of recruits to send them to the southern provinces.

Aden city, which was occupied by UK but now under the control of UAE, and the rest of the southern cities witness an insecurity situation that increased the assassinations of Imams of mosques and security and military leaderships
The province of Aden also witnesses a security fiasco that escalated with killings, looting issues , in addition to others that never happened before.

The UAE took control of Aden under the pretext of confronting the so –called “Houthis” , part of the Yemeni army forces and supported the establishment and formation of armed elements  there.

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