President al-Mashat calls to correct misconceptions about unity




President of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi al-Mashat on Tuesday called for correcting misconceptions about the unity whether as a concept or as an achievement, according to the official Saba News Agency.

In his televised speech to the Yemeni people on the eve of the 29th anniversary of the National Day of the Republic of Yemen, May 22, President al-Mashat pointed to the mistakes that beset many’s view on the unity, both as a concept and as a achievement, calling for correcting those misconceptions, which he said had contributed significantly to the arrangement of many negative effects and attitudes.

“This limited view has contributed to the transformation of the subject of unity into a material for consumption and political quarrels,” said the president.

The president noted that the unity (as a concept) refers in essence to lofty lofty meanings related to the values of brotherhood, love, cooperation, integration, harmony, strength, renaissance, role and status.

“The alignment with the people is the basis that we must evoke on this occasion towards everything that relates to our reality today,” the president said.

The president affirmed that the unity of the Yemeni people is greater than all politicians, all parties and all political positions, because its first maker is the people, who is only the ruler in it.

He indicated that all abuses and deviations that have afflicted all the achievements of the people had come as a result of the arbitration of the outside and the dependence on the outside rather than the arbitration of the people and the bias to the people.

In this regard, the president called on upon all those forces that had bet on the outside to return to their guidance and correctness, noting that “the continuation with the foreign aggression is no longer means anything but more shame and fall.”

President al-Mashat also called on the aggression states (Saudi-led coalition countries) to stop the aggression and lift the siege and immediately stop targeting civilians and to engage in peace for the benefit of all parties, the regional and the world.

Concluding his speech, the president assured the international community the commitment of the political leadership in Sanaa to peace and to continue to support peace efforts led by the United Nations represented by the UN Secretary-General and his Special Envoy to Yemen.