Abdul Salam Comments on Capture a Leader in the So-Called “Al Qaeda” in Yemen




Head of the national delegation Mohamed Abdul Salam commented on the allegations of the alliance of aggression to capture a leader in the so-called “Al Qaeda” in Yemen.

“The allegation by the coalition of aggression that a leader of Al-Qaeda has been arrested is a camouflage for the fact that al-Qaeda is present and is in the ranks of the military and security forces of the aggression,” Mohammed Abdul Salam said in his Twitter account.

The head of the national delegation pointed out that al-Qaeda and ISIS are present in the ranks of the coalition of aggression, with the recognition of al-Qaeda itself.

He also pointed out that the coalition of aggression demanded the salvation government to release the al-Qaeda detainees during the exchange of prisoners’ statements during the consultations of Sweden.

They claim that the leader, Abu Osama al-Muhajer, as well as other members of the organization including its chief financial officer, were captured on June 3 in a raid on a house carried out by Saudi forces, the coalition said in a statement carried on Saudi state news agency .