Al-Houthi welcomes Russia’s vision for peace, attacks Trump’s “hatred”




Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, a member The Supreme Political Council has welcomed Moscow’s vision for peace in the region and accused US President Donald Trump of being a “man of racism”, and of “spreading hatred in the region and circulating it in Yemen.”
“We welcome the Russian vision of a transition towards peace, good neighborliness and development and ensuring a sustainable political settlement in Yemen and Syria as a priority,” al-Houthi said in a tweet on Sunday night.
The Supreme Political Council welcomed the Russian vision of Gulf security at its meeting on Sunday in Sana’a, where it also approved the extension of Mahdi Al-Mashat’s presidency until at least August 24, 2020.
However, the Council acknowledged that it was “further study, discussion and updated observations on Russia’s concept of ensuring security in the Gulf region and the considerations and principles underlying the Russian perception” were necessary.
The Russian vision is based on a shift towards peace, good neighborliness, and development, ensuring a sustainable political settlement in Yemen and Syria, linking this to a package of confidence-building security measures.
Russia’s vision for peace in the Gulf and the region also underscores “a package of international legal obligations, the most important of which is not to use force or threats to settle disputes and to respect the sovereignty and integrity of states in the region.”
In its meeting, the Supreme Political Council welcomed “any position calling for peace in the region and that it is against the voices calling for war and its continuation.”
Meanwhile, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi commented on US President Donald Trump, stating: “Trump, who ignited racism and hatred in America and produced murder in the United States, is the same one who supported hatred to kill in Russia, and declared a veto against the cessation of support for Saudi Arabia, the assassin of Khashoggi.”
“America is killing the Yemeni people,” he said, adding: “Trump is a man of racism, now he calls for an end to the killing in America because the American street now knows the cause of the chaos,” he said.
He said Trump’s tweets were trying to distract Americans, saying they were “to distract the American public with a side issue to forget the core issue of 9/11, which is about to be remembered.”
He went on to accuse Trump, his administration and his intelligence services of being behind the Texas and Ohio attacks, saying: “Also, with the rapid development of events and the dramatic increase of killings, the involvement of U.S. intelligence is not excluded.”
Mohammed al-Houthi reiterated the challenge to the US, saying: “The Yemeni people, by their steadfastness in the face of the US-Saudi aggression and their allies in Yemen, are reaping achievements and victories.”
“The more resilient the Yemeni people are, the more positive results will be achieved in their favor. God saved the Republic of Yemen and its democratic people from the conspiracies of the reactionaries, the betrayal of mercenaries and their rotten whims and their ignorant adventures,” he concluded.