June/8: An Update of the Saudi Crimes,Violations in Yemen



Today, Monday, the US-backed Saudi-coalition (aggression) continued to carry out its raids and shells against a number of governorates, causing casualties and damage to public and private properties, while in Hodeidah, the Saudi-UAE paid mercenaries continued to violate the ceasefire Sweden agreement.

In Hodeidah, the forces of aggression carried out 80 breaches, which were the flight of a warplane in Haiss and 10 spy planes, in the airspace of Haiss, Kilo-16, Khamseen Street, al-Manzhar, al-Faza, al-Durayhimi and Jabaliya. In addition, 19 breaches were conducted by artillery shelling using 84 shells, and 50 breaches were using different shooting weapons.

Moreover, the mercenaries affiliated with the Saudi-UAE aggression targeted the al-Faza area in Al-Tuhita district with a number of 15 shells.

In Marib, the Saudi-American aggression launched more than 40 raids on the district of Sarwah and Majzar.

In Hajjah province, US-Saudi warplanes carried out 5 raids on the al-Jarr area and the Bani-Hassan in the Abs district and the Haradh district respectively. Battleships of the Saudi and the UAE targeted the al-Jarr farms within Abs district.

In the province of al-Jawf, two raids were launched against the areas of al-Marazeeq and Al-Muhashima in the Khub wa Al-Sha`f district.

In Saada, northern Yemen, A Saudi aerial raid targeted the al-Ferr area located in Kataf District and also carried out two raids on the al-Zahir district.

In Najran, the Saudi warplanes launched 3 raids on the al-Shorfa area.

اعلان الزكاة