Chilean Activist Denounces Coalition War Crimes In Yemen


A Chilean humanitarian activist has on Wednesday strongly condemned the brutal aggression that has been waged on Yemen since March 2015 by the Saudi-led coalition, backed by Western countries headed by the United Stated and the UK.

Connie De Witt, a former member of the political opposition in Chile, confirmed that Yemen is under a total air, land and naval blockade. This war against Yemen has been largely forgotten and does not get enough coverage by the international western media.

De Witt said that the “saddest thing about this, is that Saudi-led coalition backed western countries continue to bomb and kill children, although they are dying due to lack of food, in addition to the inhuman and unjust siege imposed by the Saudis on all commercial ships laden with food, medicines and oil derivatives.”

“Everything, including Infrastructures in Yemen, is being destroyed by the Saudis. They have bombed the roads, bridges, light towers, drinking water central, schools, hospitals, part of the agriculture and livestock areas, artisanal fishing, stadiums, and telecommunications networks the Internet cable found at the bottom of the sea, as well as the airports destroyed by the bombing of warplanes that the UK government sold to them,” she added

De Witt continued: “It has caused great pain for me to see how they have destroyed the lives of millions of people in misery and diseases that they cannot treat due to lack of equipment and resources.”

She noted that many Yemeni children are left without a home due to the attacks launched by Saudi Arabia, and many of them even without their parents and have to go out to seek refuge because they do not have food.”

“Two million children cannot attend school, due to lack of establishments because thousands of schools were destroyed by the bombs and the ammunition sold to them by Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, USA, Canada and the UK.”

Conniee De Witt was active in the Chile resistance during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet from 1973-1990.