(Pictures) Yemenis Massive Crowds Attend the Celebration of the Prophet’s Birth



The Yemeni capital, Sanaa, on Thursday afternoon, witnessed an unprecedented crowd in Al Sabeen Square, in addition to other regions and provinces, to commemorate the birth of the Prophet.

The mass crowds flocked from early morning to the Al Sabeen Square, raising signs that express their joy of this day and their loyalty to the prophet Mohammed. Moreover, the participants shouted chants that affirmed their adherence to follow the path of the Prophet.

The mass crowds embraced the name of the prophet Mohammed, in a painting that embodied the extent of the love and attachment of the Yemeni people to the greatest prophet (messenger) and their celebration of the memory of his noble birth.

The public celebration included poems, songs and performances about the importance of celebrating this great religious occasion and the role of Yemenis in supporting the Prophet and their eagerness to revive loyalty to him.