Yemen’s Missile Force Targets Aramco Saudi Facility in Saudi Depth



The spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, announced that the Yemeni missile force bombed the Aramco distribution station, in Jeddah, with a cruise “Quds-2” missile, which is announced for the first time.

Brigadier General Saree confirmed in a press statement at dawn today, Monday, that the hit was very accurate, and ambulances and firetrucks were spotted rushing to the targeted place.

He pointed out that the Quds 2 winged missile, a new generation of winged missiles produced by the Yemeni missile force and was just announced today, had entered service recently after successful operational tests that targeted Saudi depth, but had not been announced.

The spokesman of the armed forces indicated that the specific operation comes in response to the continuation of the Saudi siege and aggression on Yemen, and in the context of what the Yemeni Armed Forces Warned from that large-scale operations will take place in the depths of Saudi Arabia.

Brigadier General Saree renewed the Yemeni Armed Forces’ call for citizens and foreign companies operating in Saudi Arabia to move away from the vital installations, as they are within the goals bank of the Yemeni army, stressing that military operations in the depths of Saudi Arabia will continue.