Several Crimes Committed by the Saudi Aggressors Against Civilians in Saada



Today, Sunday, three civilians were wounded, as a result of Saudi shelling on the border regions in Saada governorate.

The Saudi aggression targeted the Munabeh district, located near the border, with artillery shells, which resulted in the injury of three citizens, one of them suffers from serious wounds, a source reported to YemenExtra.

In addition, another Saudi artillery bombardment took place today in Saada, which resulted in the killing of a civilian and injuring another within the aforementioned district.

A citizen was killed and another was wounded after Saudi bombardment was carried out on the Al-Raqo area in the Munabah district, near the Yemeni-Saudi border, our source reported from the province.

It is worth mentioning that yesterday, a woman was wounded as a result of a Saudi missile-artillery shelling that bombed the Al-Qahr area in the Baqim district that is close to the border.