Over 212 organized crimes recorded in occupied provinces in two months



The rate of organized crime in the occupied southern provinces rose to more than 212 in October and November, according to a recent report, Saba got a copy of it.

The crimes range from assassinations, arrests, raids on state funds and other property, organized extortion by force of arms at checkpoints, public roads, murders, raids on homes and shops and kidnapping of citizens, the report issued by the Media Center for the Southern province added.

The report stated that assassinations ranked first with 32 crimes, at a rate of 15.1%, followed by attacks on unarmed civilians by pro-aggression militias with 27 crimes, at a rate of 12.7%.

The report explained the crimes of blackmail by force of arms ranked third with 23, at a rate of 10.8%, and armed clashes came fourth with 21, at a rate of 9.4% of the total number of recorded crimes.

It added kidnappings ranked fifth with 20 crimes, at a rate of 9.4%, while homicides ranked sixth as a result of armed clashes between parties to the conflict with 18 crimes, with an average of 8.5%.

The report referred to the assassination attempts on pro-aggression military leaders in Aden, which amounted to 15 operations by 7.1 %.

It explained that the arrests amounted to 13 crimes, some of them collectively against citizens and employees who were subjected by armed militias, pointing to the aggression forces’ intention breaking up seven protests by force of arms and assaulting protestors at a rate of 3.3%.

The report revealed that the aggression forces and their mercenaries committed crimes of torture against three detainees to death while 48 detainees were still forcibly hiding in secret occupation prisons in Aden.

During the same period, the city of Aden witnessed 11 armed robberies on the land and property of citizens by force of arms, using light and medium weapons by 5.1 %  and a number of crimes of raids on citizens’ homes were recorded by 1.8 %.

The report pointed out that a number of banditry and interception crimes were recorded in the public roads linking the southern provinces and the city of Aden at a rate of 1.8 % and six ambush crimes, some of which were carried out with explosive devices, were carried out in densely populated neighborhoods and areas in Aden and Dhalea provinces and Zenjibar city in Abyan province.

The report confirmed that checkpoints of the aggression militia stationed at the entrances and exits of Aden province blackmail travelers from the northern provinces and impose large fees on heavy truck drivers up to Y.R 50,000 per truck.

It concluded that more than 23 crimes of assault, shootings, and extrajudicial detention were recorded against drivers of trucks of different sizes by the militia on roads of Dhalea, Lahj and Aden provinces.

Source: Saba