PM: Aggression directly targets Yemeni people’s necessities



The Prime Minister has said that the aggression’s coalition targets directly all the necessities of the Yemeni people’s daily life.

In a speech he delivered in a celebration organized by the Ministry of Human Rights on the occasion of International Human Rights Day held on Wednesday in Sana’a, Abdulaziz bin Habtoor praised the reports issued by the human rights ministry, saying they expose the reality of the aggression and its brutality to the world.

He underlined the importance of getting the whole world acquainted with the Yemeni people’s suffering, which would be described fully in the Ministry’s reports, in addition to the related political and media reports.

Despite the lack of financial resources in the Human Rights Ministry due to the continued aggression and all-inclusive siege, the ministry achieves significant work and reports in human rights, the premier said.

He stressed the government’s readiness to support the vital ministry because it is concerned about the Yemeni people and their rights.