Dec. 17: An Update of the Saudi Crimes, Violations in Yemen



Last Thursday, the US-backed Saudi-led aggression (coalition) against Yemen continued its airstrikes and bombings in several regions. While in Hodeidah, the Saudi-UAE aggressive forces continued to violate the Sweden Agreement.

In Hodeidah, the Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room recorded 183 violations, including an infiltration attempt on 50th Street, the launching of 7 raids using combat drones on Al-Durayhimi, the hovering of a warplane on the Al-Durayhimi, as well as 16 espionage drones in the airspace of Al-Jah, Al-Jabaliya, Al-Tuhita, Al-Durayhimi, Al-Faza, and 50th Street. 38 breaches were committed by artillery and missile shelling, while 126 violations with carried out using diverse weapons.

In Marib, the US-backed Saudi aggression launched 3 raids on the Mahliya district and a raid on the Rahba district.

In Saada, northern Yemen, the Saudi-led warplanes carried out two airstrikes on Al-Hudn Mountain in the Al-Salem region, district of Kataf.

Moreover, the Saudi forces carried out an artillery-missile attack, which targeted sperate areas within Razih district, near the border.

In Jizan, a Saudi airstrike targeted Wadi Jarah.

In addition, it launched a raid on the Al-Souh area, near Najran Saudi province.