Houthi: We Managed to Win Over the Saudi Aggression



Today, Sunday, a member of the Supreme Political Council, Mohammed al-Houthi, confirmed that Yemen was able to defeat the US-backed Saudi aggressive led coalition with its large arsenal.

“We can say today that we were able to defeat the aggression with its arsenal and everything it had, even the European media is saying that Saudi radars are blind,” Mohammed Al-Houthi said during his sponsorship of a tribal reconciliation between the tribes of Dhamar and Mahweet.

Now, he added, the European media are mocking the Saudi defenses, who are now looking for French systems.

With regard to the issues of rebellions that Yemen has suffered from for decades, the member of the Supreme Political Council said: In the file of revolts and ending the conflicts, we have come a long way and are about to solve other issues and many reforms have been signed and concluded.

“We have great hope in keeping the support of fronts and confronting the aggressors, as the time to achieve victory has narrowed, and what we do is a service to our people,” he added.