Water Minister calls on UNICEF to support ministry to move to sustainable projects



 Water and Environment Minister Eng. Abdul Raqib al-Shurmani called on Sunday UNICEF to support the ministry’s move from emergency projects to sustainable projects.

The ministry looks forward to implementing sustainable projects and interventions that meet the needs of citizens in providing water and sanitation services in various provinces, al-Shurmani said at an expanded meeting with UNICEF water and sanitation experts.

He emphasized transparency to ensure that funds allocated for water and sanitation projects are optimally employed in line with the national vision to build the modern Yemeni state.

The minister pointed out that the ministry’s plan for 2021 includes a package of strategic projects that primarily cover the need for water and sanitation projects and requires the concerted efforts of all partners to make them a success.

For his part, the deputy minister of the ministry Hanin al-Duraib stressed the importance of speeding up the development of the mechanism of joint action between the ministry and UNICEF  to be in line with the Ministry’s vision and plans.