America’s Exit From The Region Is The Only Punishmentto The Martydom Of The Two Leaders, Soleimani , Al-Muhandis: Ansarollah Spokesman


A spokesperson of Ansarullah Alhuthi, Mohammad Abdul Salam said on Saturday confimed thatthe US forces leaving from the region is the only punishment that amounts to the martyrdom of the two martyred leaders.

In a memorial event for the two martyrs, Abdul Salam explained that the Islamic nation is determined to continue the two martyrs’ path, and a great honor for the two martyrs who were killed by the chief murderers in this world.

the crime of assassination of the two leaders, Qasem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, has transformed to revive the concept of one nation among Muslims, explaining that “Soleimani” has a great role in achieve the victory by the resistance in July 2006 war in Lebanon and thwarting the most dangerous scheme in the region, and defending the nation’s issues.

“We appreciated the position of the Iranian people and the Iranian leadership in supporting the Yemeni people in the battle for freedom and independence,” he added.