Aggression holds new ship carrying more than five thousand tons of gas



 The Yemeni Oil Company confirmed on Friday that the aggression coalition had pirated a new ship carrying five thousand and one tons of domestic gas.

The company’s official spokesman, Essam Al-Mutawakel, explained to Saba that the number of ships detained by the aggression coalition increased to 13 ships of oil derivatives.

He pointed out that the silence of the international community and the United Nations is one of the most prominent factors that encouraged the US-Saudi-led aggression to continue detaining oil ships and preventing their entry to the port of Hodeida despite obtaining entry permits from the United Nations International Verification and Inspection Committee.

Al-Mutawakel considered that these arbitrary practices are clear and explicit evidence that America is striving to suffocate the Yemeni people and increase their suffering.

The official spokesman held the forces of the aggression, led by America and the United Nations fully responsible for the suffering of the Yemeni people.

The official spokesman confirmed that what is being circulated through the trumpets of the mercenaries of the US-Saudi aggression about the arrival of oil ships to the port of Hodeida is not true.