FM discusses with Iranian ambassador bilateral cooperation aspects



Foreign Minister, Hisham Sharaf, on Saturday discussed with Iran’s Ambassador in Sana’a, Hassan Erlo, aspects of bilateral cooperation between the two brotherly countries and the latest developments in the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf region.

The meeting touched on the results of the recent visit of the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Yemen, Martin Griffiths, to Tehran.

In the meeting, the Foreign Minister said that the political leadership in Sana’a, represented by the Supreme Political Council and the National Salvation Government, is serious about its positions declared to the world regarding the political settlement, achieving peace and responding to international steps and initiatives in this direction.

Sharaf confirmed at the same time the readiness to confront and respond in the event that the flights of the US-Saudi aggression coalition did not stop sorties, the bombing of civilian objects, cities and villages, and the detention of fuel ships.

In turn, the Iranian ambassador in Sana’a made it clear that the Islamic Republic of Iran stands with a peaceful political solution in Yemen and supports the efforts and endeavors of the UN Envoy to end the aggression and lift the blockade.

In this regard, Erlo referred that Iran had earlier presented a four-point peace plan that was presented to the United Nations.