The Statistics of Six Years of War on Yemen



The Humanity Eye Center for Rights and Development (HECRD)revealed today, Tuesday, a shocking statistic about the crimes committed by the US-backed Saudi-led coalition in Yemen for the past six years, since March 2015.

The (HECRD) announced in its infographics that the number of killed and wounded as a result of the direct Saudi bombing reached 43,593 killed and wounded, explaining that the number of civilians killed reached 17,0097, including 3,821 children, 2,394 women, and 10,882 men. The number of wounded reached 27,496 (4,183 Children and 2815 women).

Regarding Yemen’s infrastructure, the independent organization stated that the Saudi-led aggression targeted 15 airports, 16 seaports, 4764 roads and bridges, 307 power stations and electricity generators, 551 networks and communication stations, and 2228 water tanks.

In regard to the economic establishments, the Saudi attacks led to the destruction and damage of 395 factories, 292 fuel tank trucks, 11,387 commercial establishments and 416 chicken and livestock farms.

The statistic showed that the aggression deliberately destroyed 7495 means of transportation, 464 fishing boats, 904 food stores, 394 fuel stations, 680 markets and 815 food trucks.

Regarding the service structures, the Humanitarian Eye Center explained that, within 6 years, 571,190 homes, 178 university facilities, 1,413 mosques, 367 tourist facilities, 390 hospitals and health facilities have been targeted.

The aggression also targeted 1,102 schools and educational facilities, 7,191 agricultural fields, 143 sports facilities, 247 archaeological sites, and 48 media facilities.