YPC: Saudi warships detain five oil tankers



The Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) announced that the US-supported Saudi forces are still holding 5 oil ships, including one loaded with diesel.

The company said in a statement that the aggressive Saudi-led coalition continues to detain (4) oil ships loaded with a total of (116,236) tons of petroleum and diesel for varying periods. This year, no oil ship was allowed to enter Yemen.

The company indicated that all the detained ships have completed UNVIM procedures in Djibouti, and obtain permits from the United Nations, stressing that the cargo complies with the conditions contained in the concept of verification and inspection mechanism operations.

The company affirmed the United Nations bodies’ breach of the provisions of the International Convention on Human Rights, articles of international humanitarian law and the law of armed conflict, and all the applicable laws and customs.

The YPC noted that the continuing of detaining tanker ships will have repercussions to the Yemeni people unless the United Nations pressurizes the aggressors to release them, as it is the international body concerned with facilitating the entry of imports of basic commodities.