A prisoner swap including 250 prisoners foiled by Saudi Arabia: Al-Murtada



The head of the National Committee for Prisoners Affairs, Abdul Qadir Al-Murtada, confirmed on Wednesday, that Saudi Arabia has prevented the prisoner exchange through local mediation. Thus, suspending an agreement that includes 250 prisoners from both sides. This agreement was had been arranged for since mid-April.

“We agreed with the other party in Taiz on a prisoner exchange that includes 250 prisoners and detainees from both sides, and all the necessary arrangements for implementing the deal were completed in the middle of last Ramadan (mid-April), but unfortunately this deal is still suspended due to Saudi Arabia preventing its implementation with Several other exchanges form different fronts,” Al-Murtada explained in a tweet.

It is worth mentioning that the Head of the Prisoners Committee indicated on June 6 that new Saudi directives to mercenaries stipulated all exchanges agreed through local mediation, which led to the suspension of (seven) exchanges on several fronts, including more than (400) prisoners from both sides.