Aden Occupied City Calles for Expelling Government and Better Living Conditions



Yemeni civilians and southern activists living in the occupied governorate of Aden demanded, on Tuesday, that the mercenaries government, affiliated with the Saudi-UAE aggressors, leave the city, stressing that their return will just make the people angrier, just like the last time.

Moreover, they stressed that the reason for the successive failure of what is called “Riyadh Agreement” is because the two sides of the mercenaries of the Saudi-Emirati occupation are trying to gain full control of the city.

The civilians rejected the calls for the return of the mercenary government and called for protests against it, demanding solutions to stop the continuous deterioration of living standards, high prices and the escalation of crimes of systematic lawlessness.

In a related context, bakeries in the city of Aden closed their shops, in a comprehensive strike after the price of bread was raised by the mercenaries of the UAE occupation.

Media sources from the city said that bakeries have closed in a way to protest against the mercenaries’ new price for the bread, which exceeded 40 riyals per tablet.

The strike of the bakeries led to a bread crisis in the city and crowded citizens in front of the few open bakeries.

Observers warned of upcoming protests under the name of ” the revolution of the hungry” in the southern governorates due to the rise in prices in light of the economic deterioration, the collapse of the currency and the power outage.