Dhamar receives 4 released prisoners



Dhamar governor  Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti has received liberated prisoners al-Hamza Sadmam, Taha al-Washli, Mohammad Alwan and Talal al-Rumaishi from who were released from Ma’rib front.

During the reception, Governor al-Bukhaiti praised the heroic stances of the prisoners and heroes of the army and popular committees in confronting the aggression and thwarting its plans.

Al-Bukhaithi affirmed the interest of the revolutionary and political leadership and the local authority in releasing the prisoners, following up on the missing, and caring for the wounded and families of the martyrs,  praising the efforts of the Prisoners’ Affairs Committee in this regard.

He pointed out that the countries of aggression are obstructing the release of prisoners and do not care about their captives, indicating the prisoners’ file is humanitarian.

Violations of the aggression continue in Hodeidah, and a martyr and a wounded man were wounded by Saudi fire in Sa’ada.