PM receives report on aggression crimes, the siege on civilians



Prime Minister Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtoor praised the national human rights role of the Ministry of Human Rights and its professionalism in dealing with human rights issues at the national level, especially during the period of aggression and blockade for more than six years.

The meeting discussed on Tuesday the ministry’s situation and ways to reduce the difficulties it is currently facing as well as emergency treatments related to the stability of its institutional and professional performance, which is directly related to the citizen and the defense of his human rights guaranteed legally and constitution.

The prime minister received a copy of the official report on the crimes of aggression against Yemen in humanitarian aspects from March 26, 2015, to March 14, 2021.

The report included realistic, objective and professional monitoring of crimes of aggression and a recording of data, statistics, information, and direct and indirect crimes on human rights, taking into account the vocabulary, principles, literature, and publications of the global human rights system and the terms of international humanitarian law in the preparation of the report, which consists of four axes: crimes of aggression and their effects on civilian lives, the effects of aggression in areas covered by international protection, humanitarian disaster, civilian suffering and the axis of terrorism.

Bin Habtoor also received a number of documents from the Ministry’s leadership on combating human trafficking.

The Prime Minister addressed the printing and translation of the report on crimes of aggression against civilians and their fundamental rights committed over the past six years in preparation for its publication and dissemination internally and externally.