Children of Yemen Protest Over UN Shameful Stances Against Children



The capital, Sana’a, witnessed on Tuesday morning a major rally of children to denounce the shameful positions of the United Nations against Yemeni children.

At the demonstration, the kids raised pictures of children who were killed and injured as a result of the US-Saudi aggression on Yemen for more than six years, and banners condemning the shameful stances of the United Nations and its Secretary-General towards the crimes and violations that the children of Yemen are subjected to by the aggression coalition.

The speech of the children of Yemen, which was delivered during the march, confirmed that “the world closed its eyes to the right of the children of Yemen in exchange for money and succumbed to the pressures of criminals without shame.”

“After more than six years, over 3,500 children of Yemen were martyred, more than 4,000 were injured, thousands were orphaned, and millions were displaced from their homes and areas,” the speech said.

It touched on some of the brutal crimes committed by the aggression against children, noting the suffering of children as a result of the epidemics, malnutrition and birth defects caused by the aggression and siege.

The aggression coalition targeted 21% of the schools, some of which were completely destroyed, and others where children study on their ruins, the speech mentioned.

The children’s speech emphasized that the United Nations kills children just as weapons kill them, expressing the hope that the conscience of the world would awaken, and that the children of Yemen would live in peace.