The Repercussions of Transferring Yemen’s Central Bank to Aden



 The presidency of the Shura Council reviewed at its regular meeting on Sunday chaired by The President of the Council Mohammed Al-Aidaroos the draft report of the Economic Committee on (the evaluation report of the components of the oil sector and the economic effects of the transfer of the central bank to Aden).

At the meeting, Acting Chairman of the Council’s Economic Committee Ahmed al-Harbi reviewed the evaluation report on the components of the oil sector, which included three axes: external ambitions on Yemen’s oil and gas resources during the historical stages and ending the barbaric aggression of the coalition states led by America and Saudi Arabia, and cases of financial and administrative corruption of oil and gas revenues by the aggression states and their mercenaries.

The report addressed the disastrous effects on the national economy of the central bank’s transfer to Aden and included a number of proposals, recommendations and insights.

The Presidency of the Council commended the efforts of the Economic Committee in preparing the report and approved its return to the Committee to accommodate the observations contained in the meeting.

The meeting condemned the open attempt by the aggression and its mercenaries to print forged banknotes similar to the category of 1,000 riyals, and pump large quantities of them into the occupied provinces.

The meeting saw the move as a new way of aggression to undercut the economy and weaken the national currency, and the resulting doubling of the human suffering of the Yemeni people.

The presidency of the Shura Council praised the national roles of the Central Bank in Sana’a in censorship and warning against dealing with or trading this illegal currency.