Women and Children Rally Denouncing Un Blacklisting of Ansar Allah



The women living in Raymah, in the participation of the children held a protest in which it condemned the UN resolution of classifying Ansar Allah as child killers.

The rally condemned the UN resolution of blacklisting Ansar Allah and considered them as child killers, ignoring the air raids launched by the US-backed Saudi-led coalition, which has killed more than three thousand children since the beginning of the aggression on Yemen

The participants carried United Nations the repercussions of this UN resolution, which depicted the victim as an executioner and the other way around, calling for continuing support frontlines financially and with recruited men until victory is achieved.

In the end, a statement was issued, denouncing the international silence towards the killers of Yemen’s children, who are the Saudi and Emirati regimes, and backed and supported by the US and Israel.