A Meeting of the Supreme Political Council on the Latest Developments



The Supreme Political Council held a meeting chaired by His Excellency Field Marshal Mahdi Al-Mashat, Chairman of the Council.

The meeting reviewed the role of the United Nations and assessed the performance of the UN envoys in Yemen.

The council called for not repeating the failed experiences with international envoys, stressing the importance that the new UN envoy to Yemen must perform his primary role and mission and not be biased with the US-backed aggressors.

The Supreme Political Council renewed its welcome to the sincere and constructive efforts to bring peace to Yemen, stopping the aggression and ending the siege, pointing out that the Yemeni people are tired of US conspiracies against them and false calls for peace.

Moreover, the political council stated that the continuous mobilization and escalation attempts that the Saudi aggressors are preparing on a number of fronts, will be foiled, and no force will be able to break the will of the Yemenis, which are moving firmly towards sovereignty, independence, and the liberation of Yemen’s land and people.

The Supreme Political Council praised the operation of the “Al-Nasr Al-Mubeen” that was carried out by the army and the popular committees, which achieved wide and important victories in the province of Al-Bayda.

Furthermore, the meeting dealt with the deteriorating economic situation experienced by the occupied governorates as a result of the irresponsible economic measures of the so-called mercenary government, most notably the repeated printing of counterfeit currency.

In the same context, it praised the performance of the Central Bank of Yemen in Sana’a and the relevant government agencies and the national role they play to protect the national currency from various conspiracies that have already targeted Aden and are trying to target Sana’a.

The Supreme Political Council was also briefed on the performance of the justice system headed by Councilmember Mohammed Ali al-Houthi and the results of the field visit by Council member Sultan al-Sam’e to the governorates of Ibb and Taiz… praising their efforts in the success of the tasks assigned to them.

The meeting dealt with the arbitrary measures taken by the Zionist enemy against the Palestinians, denouncing the policy of demolishing homes adopted by the Zionist enemy in Palestine, condemning the silence of most Arab and Islamic regimes.

The members of the council stressed that the liberation of Palestine is the primary goal of every Arab and Islamic nation, in addition to the expulsion of the occupation that works to disperse, divide and tear the Arab and Islamic nation.

The Supreme Political Council had begun its meeting by reciting Al-Fatihah in sympathy for the soul of the deceased, a member of the Fatwa Authority, the scholar Mohammed Ismail Al-Emrani, whose death represented a loss for Yemen and the Arab and Islamic nation, as he was a model for the ascetic and hardworking working world.