People of Rimah Send a Supporting Convoy to the Frontlines



The people of Raymah Governorate sent an Eid convoy on Saturday in support of the fighters on umpteen frontlines under the slogan “Our feasts are our fronts”.

As the convoy was getting ready, the people of the province organized a rally presented by the supervisor of the province, Zaid Al-Azzam, local and supervisory leaders, sheikhs, dignitaries and notables of the province.

They pointed out that presenting this Eid convoy to the fronts comes in appreciation of the heroic stances and sacrifices made by the army and the popular committees in confronting the aggressors.

A statement was issued at the rally, condemning the continued crimes of the US-Saudi aggressors against the Yemeni people, including the crime of detaining oil derivatives ships and preventing their entry to the port of Hodeidah.

The statement also denounced the criminal act of preventing the Saudi regime from performing the Hajj, urging continued steadfastness against those aggressors, in addition to supporting the fronts financially and with recruits.