Attorney General inspects conditions of citizens on Kamaran Island



Attorney General Judge Mohammed al-Dailami, Deputy Minister of Electricity and Energy Abdul Ghani al-Madani and Chairman of the General Authority for Zakat Sheikh Shamsan Abu Nastan inspected on Saturday the conditions of citizens on Kamaran Island in Hodeida province.

Al-Dailami, al-Madani and Abu Nashtan, along with a number of leaders and social figures on the island briefed on the suffering of the island’s residents, their concerns and needs, which were exacerbated by the US-Saudi aggression, and its repeated and systematic targeting of the elements of life on the island.

The State’s officials praised the legendary steadfastness of the people of Kamaran Island, despite the attempts of the aggression countries and their tools to force them to flee from it.

They also inspected a number of development projects implemented by the General Authority for Zakat during the last period, including the water desalination project, economic empowerment, the project of fishing boats, and the project of sewing machines that were distributed to the women’s workshop and other projects.

They stressed their keenness to inspect the conditions of the residents of Kamaran Island and see their suffering, especially in light of the continued aggression and siege, and its repercussions on various segments of society.

Meanwhile, Abu Nashtan indicated the Authority’s keenness to stand by the fishermen on the island and provide the capabilities and means that help them return to their lost jobs as a result of the aggression and the siege through economic empowerment projects.

He explained that the economic empowerment projects implemented by the Authority aim to transform the island’s residents and youth from poverty into active and productive elements.