Ansarullah explain that each peace opportunity is neglected by the Saudi regime



Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah resistance movement has condemned the brutal acts committed by the aggressor regimes in the impoverished country, saying such crimes erode any chance for dialog to bring an end to devastating Saudi war and inhumane all-out blockade.

Ansarullah spokesman Mohammed Abdul-Salam made the remarks in a post on his Twitter account on Friday amid reports that the UAE-backed militants had kidnapped, tortured and martyred a Yemeni youth at a checkpoint in southwestern Lahij province.

Abdul Malik al-Sanabani had returned to his homeland to visit his family in Sana’a after years of studying in the US, but the UAE-backed elements had accused him of being an Ansarullah member.

“With the siege, the mercenaries of the aggression in the occupied areas are blocking roads and committing crimes against travelers, the last of which is the kidnapping and killing of Abdul Malik al-Sanbani. Such move is strongly rejected and condemned,” Abdul-Salam tweeted.

“The aggressor forces bear full responsibility [in this regard.] The continuation of this situation with the excessive brutality negates any opportunity for dialog before ending the siege and stopping the aggression.”

Also on Friday, the new UN special envoy for Yemen said that the country was “stuck in an indefinite state of war” and that resuming negotiations to end the conflict would not be easy.

In his first address to the UN Security Council, Hans Grundberg warned that there would be “no quick wins,” adding efforts to reach a peaceful settlement were “a long way off.”

“The conflict parties have not discussed a comprehensive settlement since 2016,” he said. “It is therefore long overdue for the conflict parties to engage in peaceful dialog with one another under UN facilitation on the terms of an overarching settlement, in good faith and without preconditions.”