Al-Houthi Comments On Sailing Of Container Ship From Jeddah Port To Hodeida Port


The Member of the Supreme Political Council, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, on Monday revealed that a ship loaded with containers sailed directly from the Saudi port of Jeddah to the port of Hodeida.

“This ship is the first since the blockade and bombardment of the port of Hodeida by the US-British-Saudi-Emirati aggression coalition and its allies,” al-Houthi added in a tweet.

Al-Houthi expressed his hope that the private sector would assume its responsibility to reduce the cost of living for citizens, by importing through the port of Hodeida, where costs are lower.

In another tweet, the member of the Supreme Political Council considered the continued flow of goods through the port of Hodeida a correct step in strengthening confidence to move forward in comprehensive peace.

“It is no longer reasonable for Saudi Arabia to find any justification to prevent ships coming from its ports or to force them to transit Djibouti, as before,” he said.