Yemeni Students Union In Malaysia Condemns STC Crimes In Aden


The General Union of Yemeni Students in Malaysia condemned the crimes and kidnappings committed by the Emirati-funded Southern Transitional Council (STC) militia against students arriving at Aden airport.

In a statement, the union considered that the kidnapping of students studying in Malaysia is a dangerous crime, and violates all human rights, the dignity of the Yemeni citizen and restricts his freedom in the homeland.

The statement said, “The STC militia continues to kidnap the two students, Ibrahim Ahmed Mohammed al-Shahari and Ahmad Mu’in Ahmad Abd al-Rahman al-Madani.”

It pointed out that the students were kidnapped as soon as they arrived at Aden airport without any legal justification, a step perpetuates the image of non-state and security chaos.

The statement called on all parties to respect the right of Yemeni students abroad, to provide them with safe corridors, and to spare them any illegal practices related to the tensions caused by the war in Yemen