Yemen’s minister of defense assures invaders with more defeats



Yemen’s defense minister warns the Saudi-led aggressive coalition of more defeats if they continue their aggression against Yemen.

“Retaliation against the invading countries will continue until the country’s complete liberation,” Mohammad Nasser al-Atefi said on Saturday.

He was visiting a fighting front in the northwestern al-Jawf Province, during which he sat down with the forces of the Yemeni army and Popular Committees, who have been jointly leading Yemen’s defensive operations against the invasion.

Al-Atefi said the war was an “unjust” invasion by all political, moral, and humanitarian standards.

He vowed that the country would come out victorious against “those who had sought to reach their goals in the war over just weeks or months.”

Leading a number of its allies, Saudi Arabia started the war in March 2015 to restore power in Yemen to its favorite officials among some other goals.

The joint Yemeni forces have been delivering a decisive response to the aggressors with their constant retaliatory attacks, continuously preventing the invading coalition from realizing any of its objectives.

An innumerable number of Yemeni rockets and missiles have passed right through Saudi Arabia’s United States-procured missile systems, flying as far as the Saudi capital Riyadh and the United Arab Emirates, the kingdom’s most prominent ally in the war.

“The aggressors have been bogged down in the war’s quagmire, and now, in the seventh year of their invasion, are facing more bitter defeats,” al-Atefi said.

He said the country was expanding its defense industry with determination and with an eye of expelling all of the invaders. Yemen’s defense forces, he announced, were developing “ballistic missiles, drones as well as naval defense systems.”