Minister Of Defense To The Countries Of Aggression: If You Continue Your Aggression, We Will Strike You More Than Ever


The Minister of Defense, Major General Muhammad Al-Atifi, visited the heroes of the Army and the Popular Committees on the front of Al-Jawf Governorate. He was briefed on combat operations.

During the visit, the Minister of Defense delivered a speech in front of the fighters, conveying to them the blessings of the leader of the revolution, Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi, and the President of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi Al-Mashat, for the victories that were achieved against the of US-Saudi mercenaries, with the support of Allah and the sacrifices of the heroes of the Army, the Popular Committees and the free tribesmen.

“The war on Yemen and its steadfast people is an unjust aggression by all political, moral and humanitarian standards, and we will defeat the US-Saudi aggression. It planned its war will achieve its goals within weeks or months, but it has become embroiled, and now it is in its seventh year reaping more defeats and bitter failures”, Major General Al-Atifi said.

He added: “I send a message before you, the heroes facing the US-Saudi aggression, and I tell the US and Saudi Regime that we have broken your arrogant noses, and if you continue your aggression, we will definitely defeat you.”

He affirmed the continuation of the development of ballistic missiles, drones, and defensive and offensive naval systems.

He pointed that out by saying: “The coming days will certainly bring shame, Humiliating and crushing defeats to the aggression and its agenda, promising the steadfast Yemeni people that there will be no occupier on the land of Yemen, and any foot remains on Yemeni land will be cut off.”